Student Associations
The Graduate Union of the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management

The Graduate Union of the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management, with serving graduate students as its fundamental purpose and encouraging inheritance and innovation as its work direction, reflects the voices of graduate students in a timely and comprehensive manner. The Graduate Union aims at building a soft academic environment, establishing a platform for sports and physical training, promoting cultural atmosphere, providing various life service as well as helping to protect graduate students’ rights. The Graduate Union has made its contributions in cultivating the political, academic, athletic, culture, and psychological qualities of graduate students. The Graduate Union also played a positive role in promoting a high-quality, high-level, diversified, and creative talents.

The Graduate Union of Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management is made up of 6 departments, which are the Academic Department, the Culture Department, the Sports Department, the Students’ Life Department, the Internal Communications Department and the News Center. The Graduate Union has more than 40 members.

n The Academic Department

The Academic Department is responsible for cultivating and strengthening academic culture. The various graduate student academic competitions and awards such as the Innovation Competition in Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM), the PhD Forum of the management Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management, “Best New Academic”, “Best Teacher” and more are organized by the Academic Department.

n The Culture Department

The duty of the Cultural Department is to improve the cultural quality of graduate students and to diversify the cultural elements. A variety of activities were designed to enrich the students' extra-curricular cultural life including the “December 9th” Choral Competition of Revolutionary Songs.

n The Sports Department

The Sports Department is mainly responsible for the planning, preparation and organization of postgraduate sports activities, including various matches and games, as well as badminton, table tennis, tennis, swimming and billiards sports clubs.

n The Students’ Life Department

The Students’ Life Department mainly focuses on the daily lives of graduate students and helps to protect students’rights. Special activities are also held on festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Girls’ Day.

n The Internal Communications Department

The Internal Communications Department connects the whole Graduate Union together. It leads in the building of the Graduate Student Union system, the training of key members and the coordination of duties.

n The News Center

The News Center is the publications and ination hub of the Graduate Union. Its duty is to support the Graduate Union to design and to organize major publicity missions. It is oriented to introduce diverse activities to graduate students through a public WeChat account.