In recent years, the department of civil engineering has strengthened cooperation with enterprises, establishing a number of high-level practice teaching bases. Meanwhile, combining production internships and practice teaching courses, department of civil engineering has set up a normative long-term developing mechanism of practice teaching. At present, based on establishment of practice teaching bases, department of civil engineering has set up impeccable department- base united practice cultivation mode, developing students’ ability of solving real engineering and technological problems, whole process management of projects, organization and management of large and complicated system projects and team leadership. What’s more, department of civil engineering concentrates on promoting deep combination of practice teaching and operating management of top engineering enterprises, technical management of large and complicated projects, career choices and ability development of students.

In the aspect of international cooperation, recently, department of civil engineering has signed cooperation agreements with more than 20 universities in USA, UK, Australia, Japan and Belgium, sponsored or undertaken international conferences, to strengthen international cooperation and develop international influence. At present, 34 teachers are taking office in 132 overseas academic institutions or groups in total. Teachers go abroad for official visit twice per year averagely. While, more than 90% graduate students and 30% under-graduate students go abroad for academic communication. Every week, department of civil engineering receives 1.5 overseas academic missions averagely.