Student Activities

n  The Innovation Competition in Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM)

The Innovation Competition in Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM) is a high-level innovation competition, targeting graduates and undergraduates majored in civil engineering and construction management. The ICCEM is held annually since 2007. Originated from Tsinghua University, it has become a worldwide competition since 2009. A large number of students from top universities have participated in this competition. The organizing committee has invited participants from US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries or regions. ICCEM covers various domains concerning construction engineering and management, such as construction technologies, construction management, laws and regulations, urban planning and management, and urban economics and real estate.

n  The PhD Forum of the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management

The PhD Academic Forum aims to provide a plat for postgraduate students, including PhDs and Masters, to promote academic knowledge exchanges and creativity inspiration. It’s held by every single faculty or several faculties of similar disciplines. Activities during the forum include keynote speeches, group discussions and a social networking session.

n  “December 9th” Choral Competition of Revolutionary Songs

The “December 9th” Choral Competition of Revolutionary Songs is a yearly activity held in Tsinghua University in memory of the “December 9th Revolution Movement”. The Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management has won the highest award for more than 10 times, which was credited to the well-organized choral training and team spirit of the graduate students. A variety of activities such as group presentations and lectures centering on the “December 9th Revolution Movement” are also held during the period of choral training and rehearsal.

n  Sports & Games

Various matches and games are held during the whole year such as the Graduate Games, Basketball Games and Hiking for new graduate students as well as the Running Activity for those who are going to graduate. Sports clubs covering badminton, table tennis, tennis, swimming and billiards also hold diverse activities once a week or every other week for graduate students to enrich their extra-curricular life and to keep fit.

n  Other activities

Apart from the activities above, other activities such as the dance party for new graduate students and face-to-face academic communications held to strengthen the bond of the graduate students and to cultivate the academic atmosphere.

In addition, special activities are held on Chinese festivals. On Qingming Festival, an outing is organized in a place far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. On the Dragon Boat Festival, delicious rice dumplings are given to the faculty and students. While on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the faculty and students receive tasty mooncakes. On Girls’ Day, special activities are organized for all female graduate students.