International Co-operation

In recent years, the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Construction Management have vigorously carried out international exchanges and cooperation, and steady progress has been made in many aspects. Every year, more than 300 teachers and students go abroad on academic visit, and the number of overseas visit increases year by year. We proactively appoint Tsinghua honorary professorship to overseas experts. Over the years, we have successively signed university-level or faculty-level cooperation agreements with universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany and other countries. We also actively host international conferences every year, and adopt the "Go out and invite in" approach to strengthen international cooperation and enhance international influence. As of 2024, the two departments have employed 5 honorary professors, 16 outstanding visiting professors and 6 visiting professor.

At present, there are 34 teachers who have taken important academic roles in more than 132 international academic organizations, overseas institutions and organizations, or have been employed as directors of international academic organizations, chief editors of academic journals, expert committee members, and etc. In 2023, teachers and students have paid 300+ short-term visits to a wide range of overseas universties and institutions. A total of 74 international experts from 55 world-class universities and well-known research institutions were invited to the two departments. The cooperation covers scientific research, teaching, lectures and academic visits.