General Introduction

As one of the oldest engineering departments at Tsinghua, the Department of Civil Engineering was founded in 1926. The Department has 71 staff, of which 53 are faculty members. Among them, there are 3 academics of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 national-level teacher, 3 recipients of the preeminent youth funding. Additionally, 5 teachers receive funding for preeminent youths of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. At present, there are 2 groups of international professors, totaling 15 professors. More than 10 faculty members either take charge of domestic and overseas professional societies and industry associations or are chief editors of domestic and overseas influential academic journals.

The Department of Civil Engineering has 7 research institutions, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Education, 1 engineering technical research center of Beijing, and several associated research centers. Teaching and research work covers civil engineering, transportation engineering, surveying and mapping, and other relevant fields. At present, the Department of Civil Engineering has the right to grant bachelor’s degree of civil engineering, master degree of civil engineering, transportation engineering, geodesy and survey engineering, professional master degree of architecture and civil engineering, transportation engineering, and PhD degree of civil engineering. The Department also offers postdoctoral research station of civil engineering.

Through 90 years of development, the Department of Civil Engineering has developed a strong culture of not only conducting scientific research and developing talents to meet the demand of national great strategy, but also concentrating on the frontier of international subject development. Moreover, the Department of Civil Engineering has strengths in the fields of security and durability, disaster prevention and mitigation, urbanization and infrastructure construction, theory and practice of transportation engineering, and engineering construction. For years, graduates have made great contributions to China’s economic and societal development, winning worldwide acclaim. In recent years, the Department of Civil Engineering has won more than 10 National Natural Science Awards, State Technological Invention Awards, and National Scientific and technological Progress Awards, organized and participated in the compilation of more than 40 technical standards and regulations, and solved multiple critical technical problems in many important engineering projects. The Department of Civil Engineering has risen in international prominence through cooperation with international universities and academic institutions. In the past two years, Tsinghua University’s civil and structural engineering programs have ranked fifth in QS World University Rankings.

Looking into the future, the Department of Civil Engineering will continuously aim to satisfy the demands of national development and strive to a world class caliber, prioritizing the development of outstanding innovative talents with humanistic quality, innovation capability and international perspectives, and future industry leaders with technological and management capabilities. In line with tradition and deepening re and innovation, the Department of Civil Engineering will focus on basic and cutting-edge research. Furthermore, the Department of Civil Engineering will solve our country’s critical technical problems of urbanization and infrastructure construction, contributing to our country’s competitiveness in the field of civil engineering and leading the development of civil engineering.