Research Projects

Framework for computerized management of construction firms

Collaborative system for multi-party in building projects

Framework for computerized management of construction firms

BIM based application software for cost estimation of building projects

BIM based application software for energy-saving design of building projects

BIM based application software for reuse of ination of construction firms

Research on ination sharing in design/build building projects

Research on seismic perance of composite steel and concrete structures subjected to two-directional load (2009-2011, PI)

Cracking mechanism of composite steel-concrete bridges under negative bending moment and the corresponding countermeasures (2005-2007, PI)

Experimental study on composite steel-concrete rigid-frame bridges for high-speed railways (2008-2009, PI)

Study on CFT-corrugated steel web girder bridges (2009-2011, PI)

FRP Large-Span Woven Web Structures (NSFC Project 50608047)

Cold-ed Thin-walled Steel / Concrete Composite Structures

FRP / Concrete Hybrid Bridges

FRP / aluminum Hybrid Structures

Innovated FRP Pedestrian Bridge

Design Theory for Innovative Materials and Structures

Intelligent Transportation System

Traffic Operation

Traffic Control System

Transportation safety

Disaster prevention mitigation

Numerical method for concrete

New structural materials

Nonlinear analysis simulation of structures

Development of multi-purpose chloride penetration testing equipment

The effect of lithium salt on the hydration process, hydration product, strength, and volume stability of sulphoaluminate cement

Non-contact concrete autogenic shrinkage process testing equipment

Concrete mix proporion design method based on the packing model of particle

The anti-corrosion ability of different steel

NSFC project no.50538060, Fundamental research of durability of concrete structures under atmospheric and freeze-thaw environment, 2006-2009

NSFC project no. 50608048, Mass transport and exchange of flow across the cracked surface of cement-based materials, 2007-2009

ICCMC project, Index-based durability design method of concrete bridges, 2007-2008

Western Technology Project (Chinese Ministry of Communication), no. 318 223 02-06, Research on the index system, detection methods and assessment critera of concrete bridges, 2007-2010

973 project no. 2009CB623106-2, pore structure and moiture transport mechanisms of cement-based materials, 2009.1-2013.12

NSFC project no. 50978144, Nuclide transport process in unsaturated engineered barrier materials, 2010.1-2012.12

Application of high volume mineral admixture concrete in civil engineering

Durability of concrete structure in severe environment

Dynamics of Hydration of complex binder containing mineral admixtures

Relationship among composition, microstructure and properties of cementitious materials containing high volume of mineral admixtures

Dynamics of autogenous shrinkage of cementitious materials

Design and Application of High Ductile Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites

Application of Ultra-high perance concrete (UHPC) in civil engineering

Shrinkage and Shrinkage Stresses of Concrete Structures

The exact method for the structural eigenvalue problem

The analytical and semi-analytical method in structural analysis

Structural nonlinear analysis

National excellent curricula

The 'force method' for the free vibration analysis of structures

Development and Application of the Quadrature Element Method