Summer School

Organized by the Department of Construction Management and supported by the Graduate School of Tsinghua University, the Summer School for International Engineering in Tsinghua University has been favored by students from home and abroad since it was first held in 2007. So far, there are more than 500 students from home and abroad and about half of them from overseas. The main purpose of this summer school is to make full use of the quality teaching resources, broaden the international perspective of students and promote international exchanges. We invite first-class experts and scholars at home and abroad as the teachers and arrange the appropriate number of case analysis courses and seminars to broaden students' thinking and to stimulate students to propose, analyze and solve problems. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of professional disciplines, we will also arrange an appropriate number of visits for students in order to enable students to combine theoretical knowledge and practical experience. As a result, theoretical study and practice can promote each other and it may achieve better teaching results. The summer school covers a wide range of topics in international engineering and the core courses include the engineering market in China and the international, international project contract management, safety, risk, environmental issues and labor issues in international projects.

During the summer school, 1-2 seminars will be held. In the seminar, students will discuss about hot topics with top international and domestic construction management experts. Organized by the students themselves, groups require a mix of Chinese and foreign students in order to exercise students’ language skills and team spirit. And there will also be dinner and other activities that will active learning atmosphere and enhance mutual understanding.

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