Innovation Competition in Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM)

The Innovation Competition in Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM) is a high-quality international competition, targeting graduates and undergraduates majored in civil engineering and construction management. It is sponsored by Hong Kong Gammon Construction Limited, organized by the Department of Construction Management at Tsinghua University, and undertaken by the Postgraduate Student Union and the Student Association of Science and Technology in the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Tsinghua University.

Since the first competition in 2007, ICCEM has been successfully held for twelve times. It has been becoming an international competition since 2012. ICCEM covers various domains concerning construction engineering and management, such as construction technologies, construction management, laws and regulations, urban planning and management, and urban economics and real estate. The purpose of ICCEM is to inspire students' innovation ability and encourage them to actively participate in innovative practices, thus educating high-level innovative talents in the construction engineering and management field. It also provides a communication platform for students worldwide to share their thoughts. ICCEM encourages participants to solve the emerging problems in construction engineering and management using multi-disciplinary knowledge, including engineering, construction management, urban planning and management, economics and law, humanities and social sciences, computer technology and so on.