Li Ruimin
Position:Associate Professor
Address:Room 304, Heshanheng Building, Tsinghua University
Educational Background
BA: Sep.1996 – July.2000, Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University
PhD: Sep.2000 – July.2005, Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University
Work Experience
2005/08 - 2010/12,Tsinghua University, Department of Civil Engineering, assistant professor
2010/07 - 2010/10,Imperial College London,Visiting scholar
2010/12 – , Tsinghua University, Department of Civil Engineering, associate professor
2012/11– 2013/10,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Visiting scholar
Teaching Courses
1. Traffic information and control
2. Transport Economics
3. Traffic operation theory and method
4. Introduction to Intelligent transportation system
Research Interests
1. Intelligent Transportation System
2. Urban Transportation planning
3. Traffic control
4. Traffic Safety
5. Traffic simulation
Research Projects
1. Joint Research Projects NSFC – NOW:Robust, optimal, predictive, and integrated urban traffic control. 2013.1~2016.12
2.Beijing Science and technology project. Research of road traffic flow comprehensive analysis and data quality analysis evaluation index. 2012.11-2013.10
3.National Natural Science Foundation of China 2010.1~2012.12 Integration of traffic signal control and information service based on travel time reliability under event condition
4.Ph.D. Programs Foundation for new teachers of Ministry of Education of China 2009.1~2011.12 Transit Signal Priority technique research at oversaturated intersection based on vehicle location
5.National Science and Technology Program 2009.1~2011.12 Regional road network traffic safety condition monitoring, evaluation and emergency management——Sub project 4
Professional Service
Committee member, transportation modeling and simulation commission, Chinese system simulation society
deputy secretary-general, National road traffic management engineering technology research center
Honors and Awards
2014, the second prize of the Award of Science & Technology of Jiangsu Province (Rank 6th),
2015, the second prize of the Award of Wuwenjun Artificial Intelligence Science & Technology (Rank 2nd)
Academic Achievement
1.Li Ruimin, Qiu Hongtong. Intelligent transportation system planning and design, China Architecture & Building Press, 2016,3
2.Li Ruimin, Zhang Lihui. Urban traffic signal control. Tsinghua University Press,2015,11
3.Wang Changjun, Fang Shouen, Li Ruimin, Ma Zhaoyou, Wang Junhua. Emergency traffic operation technology in highway network. Tongji University Press, 2011,10
4.Li Ruimin. Urban road traffic management. 2009.9, China Communications Pres. (In Chinese)
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