Wu Jianping

Title: Professor, Director of Tsinghua University-Cambridge University- Massachusetts Institute of Technology Future Transport Research Centre

Addres: Room 312, Jiushui Building, Tsinghua University
Tel: 010-62797229
Fax: 010-62797229

Educational Background

1978.2 - 1982.1 Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University, BEng
1982.2 - 1984.7 Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University, MEng
1990.1 - 1994.1 Transportation Engineering, University of Southampton, PhD

Work Experience

1984.08- 1989.12, Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

1994.01- 1999.09, Research Fellow, Transportation Research Group (TRG), University of Southampton, the UK

1999.10- 2000.07, Senior Research Fellow, TRG, University of Southampton, the UK

2000.08- 2003.07, Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of Ministry of Education of China

2003.08- 2005.12, Senior Research Fellow, TRG, University of Southampton, Director of UCIC (the UK-China ITS Centre), University of Southampton, the UK

2006.10- 2007.09, Professor, University of Southampton, Director of UCIC, University of Southampton, the UK

2007.10- 2010.12, Professor, University of Southampton, the UK, and Senior Technical Director, WSP Group PLC, the UK

2011.01- today, Professor, Tsinghua University, China

2013.11- today, Director of Tsinghua University-Cambridge-MIT Future Transportation Research Centre

Teaching Courses

1. The C-Campus Course “Future Transport” (course No: 00030272)
2. Traffic Analysis and Design (course No: 40030942)

Research Interests
  1. Travel behavior, traffic modeling and traffic simulation

  2. Big data, smart city and smart transportation

  3. Autonomous driving and future transportation systems

Research Projects
  1. State 863 project “research and application of urban air environment control technology based on Internet of things”(2012AA063300), 2012-2014, Principal Investigator.

  2. State key S&T Support Project “the common technical standards for the operation safety monitoring and warning of municipal public facilities” (2012BAK27B01-02), 2012-2014 , Principal Investigator.

  3. Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project “Beijing rainstorm disaster traffic warning, monitoring and guidance technology research”, 2013-2015, Principal Investigator

  4. National Science and Technology Plan Technical Standards, Certification and Accreditation Alternatives Support Project about "Research on Technical Standards of Public Management and Social Services" and "Research on Important Technical Standards of Emergency Management", 2013-2015, Principal Investigator.

  5. International Cooperation Project "analysis of factors affecting motor vehicle energy consumption based on GPS data", 2013-2015, Principal Investigator.

  6. Beijing Chaoyang Science and Technology Commission Support Project about “research on simulation-based parking space sharing and dynamic traffic organization system”, 2017-2018, Principal Investigator.

  7. NSFC-Zhejiang Joint Fund for the Integration of Industrialization and Informatization Support Project about “the fundamental detection and control theories, methods and technologies of smart city water affair system and its associated applications” (U1509205), 2016-2020.

  8. Socio Technical Approach to Road Safety (STARS) project, NIHR Global Health Research Group (GHRG) on Road Safety, 2017-2021

  9. China Association for Science and Technology Support Project about “frontier research tracking of the smart city and the Intelligent traffic field”, 2018-2020

  10. NSFC-Zhejiang Joint Fund for the Integration of Industrialization and Informatization Support Project about “the fundamental theories and key technologies of the safety and protection of infrastructure systems in smart cities” (U1709212), 2018-2022.

  11. Studies on travel modes for future city, international cooperation project, 2019-2021

  12. Studies on traffic simulation for future transport, IHI Corporation, 2019-2021

Professional Service
  1. FELLOW of Institute of Engineering and Technology (FIET)

  2. Member of the Committee on Engineering and the Environment (CEE) of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)

  3. Member of International Energy Agency's Experts' Group on R&D (IEA EGRD)

  4. Chairman of Transportation Modeling and Simulation Division of China Simulation Association

  5. Executive Director of China Simulation Association

  6. Executive Director of China Association For Urban Studies

  7. Expert Committee Member of Smart Airport of the Ministry of Communication, China

  8. Expert of the Home Program in China Association of Scientific and Technology (CAST)

  9. Public Transport Advisor to Ministry of Housing and Construction, China

  10. Academician Expert Committee Member of Great Bay District, Zhejiang Province

  11. Advisor to Beijing Municipal Government, Hangzhou Municipal Government, Nanning Municipal Government and Haikou Municipal Government.

  12. Transportation Advisor to 2008 Beijing Olympic Game Organizing Committee

  13. Associate Editor of IET ITS

Honors and Awards
  1. Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award, Second prize, 2020

  2. Beijing Science and Technology Award, Honored Project: Research and Application of the Online Traffic Simulation based Urban Traffic Super-Brain, 2018

  3. Science and Technology Award of China Simulation Association, Honored Project: Behavior based Traffic Simulation Model, First Prize, 2017

  4. The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Gold Medal, 2016

  5. Technological Invention Award of China Simulation Association, Second Prize, 2016

  6. Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition, Gold Medal, 2015

  7. IET FELLOW, 2014

  8. Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, 2014

  9. Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker on Simulation, China Association for Science and Technology, 2014

  10. Innovation Achievement Award, China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association, 2013

  11. Science and Technology Award, ITS China, 2013

  12. Nanning Science and Technology Progress Award, 2011

  13. Transportation Science and Technology Award, Henan Province, 2011

  14. Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, Ministry of Education of China, 2000

Academic Achievement


  1. (2012)Diagnosis Technology of Key Nodes in Urban Road Network

  2. (2012) A Driving Behavior Modelling Method in Car-following based on Fuzzy sets model

  3. (2013) Simulation based Signal Control System

  4. (2013) A Dynamic Traffic Simulation Platform

  5. (2013) A Smart Glasses for Traffic Information

  6. (2014) A Method for Dynamic Regulation and Control of Regional Traffic

  7. (2016) On-line Traffic Simulation Method and System

  8. (2016) Dynamic Intersection Signal Adjustment Method, Device and System

  9. (2019) A test method for driverless car performance

  10. (2020) An automatic identification and location method for water supply pipe network leakage



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