International Students' Registration (2020-2021 Autumn Semester)

Dates and Places

Aug.17, 8:00 ~ Sep.13, 24:00

Registration via Self-Service Terminal: begins from Aug.17, 8:00  (available for 24 hours/ whole semester)

The entrance of Area A, No.6 Classroom Building and/or Room102, Student Service Center (Building C), Zijing.

Manual Registration: 8:00~12:00, 13:00~17:00 , Sep. 12-13 (Sat.-Sun.),

Room 201, Registrar’s Office, Student Service Center (Building C)


Contact Tel.

Tuition: 62788730        Registration: 62773044


Payment of Tuition Fees

1. Pay electronically by using Alipay or Wechat: begin from Aug.14

Log into Tsinghua Portal---Finance---Online Payment

2. Pay from the account of Bank of China:

Aug.14 ~ Sep.17  Each Thursday

Please confirm that your account has enough money to pay the full amount due before Aug.17.

3. Manual service by Cashier's Office (graduate students only):

Sep.13 (Sun.), 8:00~12:00/13:00~16:00,Room105, Building C, Zijing.

Students who missed the above payment dates, after Sep.13, payment can be made at Cashier's Office during the following time:

Mon.~Fri. (closed on Thursday), 8:30~11:30/13:00~16:00, Room105 of Building C, Tel. 62788730.

Student Fee Payment Deadline: The end of November


Important Notes

1. Students should do registration in person during the appointed time. Any misconduct in registration like doing register for another person may result in re-registration.

2. Late register: in case of special circumstances that students cannot do registration before the deadline (Sep. 13, 24:00), there will be a hold on IC card registration system, students should request late register from their home department in advance to make sure the hold is cleared for late register. Students may do late register via Self-Service Terminal.

3. Students should finish late register in person no later than the third academic week of the semester. Failure to register on due time may cause university disciplinary action like disenrollment.

4. Students who were issued suspension schooling should do re-admission before registration.

Office to do re-admission: Room B329-1 (undergraduates) / Room B221-2 (graduates), Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology BLDG.

5. All students are responsible for paying tuition, fees by the payment deadline. Students who do not pay the fees and charges in full by the payment due date may result in a hold on the IC card registration system.

6. For student ID book sticker, if need it, login from:, please go to the section "check enrollment information", download and print the QR code of current semester to stick to the corresponding field on student ID book.


Registrar’s Office

Graduate School

Academic Affairs Office