Professor Catherine N. Mulligan visited the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and gave a lecture

On 23th May, Professor Catherine N. Mulligan from Concordia University visited our department invited by Professor Liming Hu. Professor Mulligan gave a lecture on Sustainable remediation of Contaminated Sites at Digital Room, Nisha Building.

 Professor Catherine N. Mulligan

Professor Liming Hu firstly introduced the speaker to the audience. Professor Mulligan is the fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada and now she works in the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University as a professor. She was awarded the Concordia Research Chair in Environmental Engineering in 2002 and has won the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award twice (2002-2003 and 2004-2005). She is the Director of the new Concordia Institute of Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems.

Then Professor Mulligan gave a lecture on Sustainable remediation of contaminated sites. The lecture focused on the concept of sustainable remediation and showed some examples including the application of bioemulsifiers and biosurfactants on the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants.


Some students from the Department of Hydraulic Engineering attended the lecture. Furthermore, Professor Jay Meegoda from New Jersey Institute of Technology also attended the lecture, who is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University. After the lecture, they visited the laboratories of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering.