Social practice has always been the favorite second class of students, with which students ‘are educated’, ‘learn skills’, and ‘make contributions’. Social practice is a of training that teachers attach great importance. Now, the practice in summer vacation for freshmen becomes a compulsory course. More and more senior students love to participate in social practice. The “Sponge City” research team has combined practice and scientific research in the school to pay attention to the city we will live in the future. The water rights and price research team pay great concern to the livelihood of people and irrigation water of rural areas. Despite the affection to our country, the research spirit, or the dream to travel afar and travel to the grass-root, social practice enables students to harvest greatly during the journey.

Water rights and price research team investigates agricultural water consumption in villages

‘Western Region’ team investigatesagricultural water consumption in Xinjiang

Gansu Longnan Grass-root College Students Working Situation Investigation