Facing the great demand of national hydraulic and hydropower construction, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering has carried out extensive research on key technologies applied in basic and large projects. The research directions cover all fields regarding hydraulic and hydropower engineering, receiving lots of recognitions from domestic and foreign peers. In 1958, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering led the design ofthe Miyun Reservoir in Beijing, which was the largest hydraulic project in northern China at that time and has been playing a critical role inthe economic and societal development of the capital. Over recent years, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering has led the design ofthe Fuxi Xibing Arch Dam (the first rollercompacted concrete arch dam of the world), Xinjiang Shimenzi Arch Dam (the first roller concrete arch dam of the world reaching the category of 100m, which was built in an severe environment with great coldness, strong earthquake but weak foundation), and other complex hydraulic projects. Teachers and students from the Department of Hydraulic Engineering have, for a long time, taken part in technical development for multiple large hydraulic and hydropower projects, such as Sanmenxia, Longyangxia, Lijiaxia, Panjiakou, Xiaolangdi, Gezhouba Dam, Three Gorges, Longtan, Ertan, Xiaowan, Shuibuya, Xiluodu, Zipingpu, Jilintai, Puding, Tiansheng Bridge, Nuozhadu, Jinping, and South-to-North Water Diversion.In addition,we havecarried out studies on major scientific problems, such as recycling mechanismsof water resources in the Yellow River, flood and disaster reduction approachesfor the Yangtze River Basin, eco-environmental protection for the Tarim River Basin, and pollution control in the Three Gorges Reservoir to serve national hydraulic and hydropower construction directly. Duringthe lastone decade, we have led and participated in more than 1,000 national, provincial and local scientific research projects, covering the “973 Program”, National Programs for Science and Technology Development, Major Research Plan, Key and General Programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.