Position Vacant in the Surety Bond Research Center (SBRC)

About SBRC

SBRC, established in 2011, is a joint research center of the School of Civil Engineering(SCE) and School of Public Policy and Management(SPPM) of Tsinghua University.

SBRC is supervised under an interdisciplinary and cross-organizational Academic Committee, with China Engineering Academy Member Prof. Chongqing Guo as the Head, and also with some other renown scholars from the research institutes of MORUD, MOT, SUPER COURT, etc. Associate Professor Dr. Xiaomei Deng from DCM as the director, and Prof. Guosheng Deng from SPPM as the Deputy-director are responsible for the operation of SBRC.

Mission: to focus on the research of a wide range of theoretic and practicing problems for the development of construction surety bonding system in China, so as to serve the surety industry with self-discipline and regulation methods, capability development and high-level professional education, and to contribute to the enhancement of the credit environment and risk safeguard of the construction market in China.

Objective: to be one of the first-class knowledge center of surety bonding system in the world, and to be the thinking origin of public governance innovation based on the self-discipline and regulation practice exploration for the surety industry.

Research Area:

(1) Construction surety industry statistics, investigation, and development analysis

(2) Construction surety industry self-discipline, regulation, and public governance innovation

(3) Administration and perance appraisal of construction surety trade organization

(4) Construction surety and re-surety administration and business operation

(5) Web-based distributive data-base and e-business plat of construction surety and re-surety

(6) International comparison and global business practices of construction surety

(7) professional education and certification for surety bonds business

(8) Applying surety bonds/guarantee tools in anti-corruption

(9) Other important issues related with the construction surety bonding system

Welcome young scholars with following academic background to join SBRC:

Finance and accounting

Corporation governance



International commercial law

Construction management

NGO administration

IT and e-business


1. Post-doc:

Hold a Ph.D. Degree in the above area;

interested in academic research and cross-disciplinary cooperation;

Other requirements from Tsinghua University, if any. (Please check with the Post-doc Office of Tsinghua University)

2. Secretory & research assistant

Hold a college degree or above

Bilingual perferably, Chinese & English. Good in Writing.

Loyal and diligent

3. Faculty Position is open in the Department of Construction Management. More detail for faculty positions can be found on the webpage of Tsinghua University.


Please file a statement and CV to SBRD. In the statement, please include your research or work plan, and expected salary.


Dr. Xiaomei Deng, Associate Professer, Director of SBRD

Department of Construction Management

Tsinghua University

Beijing, 100084



Tel: +86-10-62781320;62781511