The 4th SCE Alumni Annual Meeting held in the School of Civil Engineering

The 4th SCE Alumni Annual Meeting was jointly held by Tsinghua Alumni Association (TAA) SCE Branch, WeChat Group of SCE Alumni and The Hang Lung Center for Real Estate (CRE) at Tsinghua University on 11th Jan, 2020. More than 130 members came back to the Civil Engineering Building (He Shan-Heng Building) to attend the meeting. The meeting provided a great opportunity for enhancing the alumni network, where members were also discussing the high-quality development of the real estate industry led by scientific and technological innovation.

This annual meeting is composed of two parts, the afternoon department alumni forum "Science and Technology Innovation Drives the High-Quality Development" and the evening gathering of department graduates. The afternoon forum was hosted by Associated Professor Wu Jing, Head of the Department of Construction Management of Tsinghua University and Executive Director of CRE. Professor Liu Hongyu, department graduate in 1980, President of Urban and Rural Construction Special Committee of Tsinghua Alumni Association, and Vice President of Tsinghua Alumni Association SCE Branch, made an opening speech. Professor Liu welcomed all the graduates back to school at the beginning and then summarized the characteristics of high-quality buildings on the basis of sorting out the latest real estate technology, emphasing that the focus of real estate industry has been transferred from "quantity" to "quality".

The forum invited six guests to give the individual speech on the current real estate technology and the resulting high-quality real estate development from the perspective of the real estate technology and macro market environment.

The first speech topic of the forum was "Building Science: To Revolutionize and To be Revolutionized ", given by Master Xiao Congzhen, department graduate in 1986, who is currently the Deputy Chief Engineer of China Academy of Building Research.

The second topic of the forum wasSolve the Problem of Indoor Decoration Pollution with Systematic Thinking”, given by Yu Tao, department graduate in 1984, who is currently the Chairman of Meinhardt China.

The third topic of the forum was “Blockchain and Its Application Prospect in The Real Estate Field”, given by Yang Yuming, department graduate in 2012, who is the Founder of Lian Zu (Beijing) Technology Co. LTD.

The fourth topic of the forum was “China's Macroeconomic Outlook and Long-Term Real Estate Regulation Recommendations”, given by Ying Congwen, department graduate in 2001, who is currently the Deputy Director of Regional Economic Research Center of China Minsheng Bank Research Institute.

The fifth topic of the forum was “Block Transactions of Commercial Real Estate: Is Foreign Capital Buying or Selling?”, given by He Chunxing, department graduate in 1988, who is currently the CEO of JiaMing Investment.

The sixth topic of the forum was “Evolution and Innovation Trend of Post-Bubble Real Estate Industry in Japan”, given by Zhang Jie, department graduate in 2007, who is currently the Senior manager of XYMAX Overseas Division.

The high-quality speeches were carefully prepared by the guests, which brought the attendees rich industry knowledge and also triggered a deep thinking. Attendees began to get ready for the collaborative innovation process of real estate and science & technology in coming new wave.

In the evening, the department alumni party was held in the Jinchunyuan Restaurant, which gathered graduates of the department from over 30 years. Civil engineering alumni has long been known for their close relationship and deep friendship.

The annual meeting was strongly supported by the sponsorship from the SCE Alumni and the hard work of the Department Preparatory Committee. We are looking forward to the reunion of next year!