Dr.Jun Guan from China State Construction visited Department of Construction Management

On April 18, 2019, Dr. Jun Guan, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China State Construction Co., Ltd. was invited to the Department of Construction Management, and gave an impressive presentation about "From Green Building to Green Construction".


At the beginning, Prof. Xiaodong Li, Director of Engineering Management Institute, gave a brief introduction of Dr.Jun Guan. Dr.Jun Guan is mainly engaged in the research of green construction, construction industrialization, project management and other fields. He participated in many scientific research topics such as the National Natural Science Foundation ,the National Key Research and Development Program and so on. He published 30 SCI, EI and core papers in international and domestic journals and 2 books.


Subsequently, Dr. Jun Guan introduced green building and green construction from four aspects: the impact of resources and environment of buildings, the rise and development of green buildings, the practical significance of green construction and the practical needs of green construction. Then he explained the economy, fairness and efficiency in detail. He combed the current green standards and concepts ,and pointed out the defects of technology-oriented green building evaluation standards. This presentation gave a thorough understanding of green building standards and green construction.


After the presentation,, Dr. Jun Guan had a tetailed comminication with the audiences.