PMI-GAC Conducted On-Site Visit to Department of Construction Management, Tsinghua University

On December 3, an evaluation expert group include Prof.Qian Shi, Changfeng Wang and Haiwei Zhou from PMI-GAC (Global Accreditation Center for Project Mangement Education Programs) visited the department of construction management and conducted the PMI-GAC certification evaluation.

At 9:30 a.m. on December 3, the opening ceremony was officially held in the Ling’s conference room, presided over by Jing Wu, head of the department of construction management. Vice President Bin Yang delivered a speech at the ceremony. He welcomed the arrival of the three evaluation experts and thanked them for their support. He pointed out that certification and evaluation is an important work of education quality assurance system of the school, and also an important way for the school to promote education cultivation of talents and promote internationalization. The development of the construction management department also requires the further improvement of its international level. Bin Yang expressed the hope that the evaluation could promote the education level of the department of construction management and help the school and the department run the department well.


Dongping Fang, Chair of the school council, welcomed the three experts in his speech. He said that since the PMI-GAC certification and evaluation in 2011, the department of construction management has attached great importance to the evaluation opinions and constantly promoted the development of teaching. He hoped that the evaluation could improve the results of the previous stage. PMI-GAC evaluation is of special significance to the construction management department, and he hoped to further strengthen cooperation and help the construction management department make continuous improvement.


PMI-GAC evaluation expert Qian shi said the PMI-GAC evaluation aims to improve teaching quality, help schools adapt to industrial and social requirements, promote discipline development and international communication. He expressed the hope to strengthen exchanges and learning in the process of evaluation and strive to make contributions to the development of the department of construction and management.


Subsequently, Xiaodong Li, deputy head of the department of construction management, reported to experts on the general situation, development history, teaching system, teaching staff and scientific research of the department of construction management. The three experts raised questions on language course support, student learning achievement evaluation system, student participation and other aspects, which were answered by teachers. Zilong Tang, deputy director of the office of academic affairs, Kefei Li, vice President of the school of civil engieering, Peng Pan, dean of the department of civil engineering, associate professor Y Zan Yang, associate professor Hongling Guo, Qing Yu and Shu Yang, participated in the launch ceremony.

In the afternoon of December 3, Jing Wu accompanied three evaluation experts to visit the computer laboratory, the virtual reality laboratory, the green construction laboratory, the new experimental hall of the department of civil engineering and the school history museum.

From 9:30 am to 11:00 am on December 4, a teaching discussion between experts and professors was held in the department. The experts had an in-depth exchange and discussion with the professors on several major programs of construction management (undergraduate, master of engineering and doctor of engineering, MEM, ICPM). The talk was mainly about training objectives, curriculum setting, teaching methods and teaching quality, student enrollment and other issues.

From the perspective of practice, Professor Yu and Professor Yang introduced the practice system of ‘curriculum + laboratory + internship base’. From overseas internship, real estate, design institute to other types of internship units, the school provides students with a wealth of practice opportunities and practical content. From the perspective of curriculum re, Professor LI introduced the methods of continuous improvement of teaching contents, such as student feedback, graduate interview, etc., as well as the new attempt of hybrid teaching and globalization curriculum.

After that, experts put forward some targeted questions on the training objectives and mutual relations of different projects. Professor Li introduced the purpose and student enrollment method of each program in detail. Some core concepts are emphasized such as the target to cultivate students to discover and solve problems independently、the criteria of putting scientific research assessment in the first place.


Finally, the expert team and teachers discussed the lecture arrangement of teachers and the related issues of specific educational affairs in a harmonious atmosphere. From 13:30 to 17:30 PM, interviews were held with administrative staff, alumni, students and representatives of enterprises. In the interview, the experts put forward different examination questions to comprehensively evaluate the teaching results. For example, they inquired about the career development path for administrative personnel, the curriculum satisfaction and Suggestions for alumni and students on campus, and mainly investigated the employment status of Tsinghua construction and management graduates in various enterprises as well as the evaluation of Tsinghua students in the interview process. All the procedures went well and the evaluation were successfully completed.