The 57th Hang Lung Real Estate Seminar Was Successfully Held

On May 25th 2018, the 57th Hang Lung real estate seminar on “An overview and analysis of China office building and retail real estate market” was held. We had the pleasure of inviting Mr. Li Jie who is the Head of Valuations & Advisory Services (CIVAS) China and Managing Director North China.

Mr. Li Jie has had an extensive working experience in various parts of the world including United States, United Kingdom, Asia and China. And he has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the field of leading strategic consultancy projects. During the seminar, Mr. Li Jie shared his many years’ experiences in the field of consultancy of real estate industry, and based on a specific case, he introduced the methods of analyzing and positioning of office buildings and retail properties.

Mr. Li Jie started his lecture with a comprehensive introduction of commercial real estate market research overview, pre-organization and preparation, site analysis, macroeconomic policy analysis, office building projects market analysis and positioning, and retail market analysis. Then he analyzed the development trend of China’s commercial real estate, explained the basic ideas for conducing market research on commercial real estate, which helped teacher and students to have a deeper understanding of the latest market analysis methods and practices.