Professors from Arizona State University visited the Department of Civil Engineering

On April 19, three professors from School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment of Arizona State University gave a wonderful lecture at Room 201 in He-Shan-Heng Building. The lecture included 3 talks:

The first talk was about “The effectiveness of front end planning of transportation projects” presented by Pro. Edd Gibson. The research on different types of infrastructure projects shows the lack of FEP is one of the reasons making a project fail. So Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) was proposed as a risk management decision support tool to help the project team choose the right project, develop the right products and lead the execution of the project to the right outcomes.

Pro. Samuel T. Ariaratnam gave the second talk about “Urban infrastructure systems”. The application of visualization technique may be the best way to solve the underground excavation damages in USA, but it is faced with difficulties in data collection, model alignment, hardware limitation and data processing. And the environmental impacts, traffic impacts, productivity and water quality of a downtown water replacement project in Yuma were also analyzed in this talk.

The third talk was presented by Pro. Xuesong Zhou on “Super-simulation project of megacity traffic congestion management”. The transportation system was analyzed from micro-level and macro-level, individually by Space-Time-State network modeling and Computational Graph based network modeling. This talk finally presented a state-space-time (SST) based modeling framework and prebuilt more complex constraints into a multi-dimensional network.

Besides, Pro. Dongping Fang, Pro. Ruimin Lee, Pro. Nan Lee and Pro. Hongling Guo also attended the lecture. After the lecture, professors from Arizona State University took a picture with THU students.