Tsinghua University Established Institute for Future Cities and Infrastructures

In commemoration of the 90 anniversary of the establishment of Civil Engineering Department, Tsinghua University established inter-disciplinary interdisciplinary research institution “Institute for Future Cities and Infrastructures” on April 23, 2016. Vice President Xue Qikun, relevant deans of our school, as well as more than 10 academicians from related fields attended the ceremony. Future City and Infrastructure Department is a comprehensive research institution based on Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Department, and sponsored by Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Department, Architecture Department, Environment Department, Public Management Department and Social Science Department covering more subjects. The establishment of the Academy is one of the important strategic plans for Tsinghua University to build a world-class university, which aims to further meet the major needs of the country's construction and to promote the leading position of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.



In the speech, dean of the Academy Nie Jianguo pointed out that the academy would start from three dimensional structures, which were physics, society and ination, substantive breakthrough and disruptive innovation would be promoted through the development of large span and material cross, and new discipline would be developed in this process; at the same time, the high gathering of talents and resources would be realized through system and mechanism innovation, in order to provide demonstration and leading for city development and infrastructure construction in China and the world. Nie Jianguo stressed that Academy would made the connections among related disciplines of Tsinghua University become more closely, and would create conditions and build a plat for more distinctive characteristics, more obvious advantages, more outstanding achievements, more powerful functions, more active exchanges and more extensive impacts, striving to become a top international research institution that would good at ing thoughts, thinking ideas, making measures, putting forward suggestions, achieving results, cultivating talents and improving abilities.