Future City and Infrastructure Development Forum Was Held
On April 23rd, at the time of 90 anniversary of the establishment of Tsinghua Civil Engineering, Future City and Infrastructure Development Forum was held in the back hall of Tsinghua University main building. The ninety years’ achievements of the Civil Engineering were reviewed in the forum for the suggestions for the future development of the Civil Engineering.

People attended the forum included invited guests, representatives of the department, teacher representatives at school or retired, as well as representatives of school students, a total of about 500 people. The forum was composed of three parts, which were: retrospect and prospect of the ninety years’ achievements of civil engineering, the founding ceremony of “Future City and Infrastructure Academy of Tsinghua University ", and " Future City and Infrastructure Development Forum". In the first part, party secretary of Tsinghua University, Chen Xu gave us a speech. Then, the school representatives, industry representatives, peer representatives, representatives of the Department, teachers and students representatives made speeches respectively.

At the opening ceremony of “Future City and Infrastructure Academy of Tsinghua University" (hereinafter referred to as Academy), witnessed by 11 academicians, including He Kebin, Wang Guangqian, Xiao Xuwen, Gong Xiaonan, Wang Sijing, Zhang Chuhan, Qian Yi, Xie Lili, Jiang Huancheng, He Manchao, Nie Jianguo and two senior leaders of civil engineering, Professor Fang Huijian and Professor Yuan Si, the nameplate was unveiled jointly by Academician Long Yuqiu, Academician Chen Zhaoyuan, Academician Zhou Fulin, Vice President Xue Qikun. Nie Jianguo, dean of the Academy introduced the background and development idea of the institute. Future City and Infrastructure Academy is a comprehensive research institution based on Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Department, and sponsored by Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Department, Architecture Department, Environment Department, Public Management Department and Social Science Department covering more subjects. The establishment of the Academy is one of the important strategic plans for Tsinghua University to build a world-class university, which aims to further meet the major needs of the country's construction and to promote the leading position of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.


On the forum, Zhou Fulin, Xie Lili, Xiao Xu were specially invited  to give us a wonderful report on the topic of “Future City and Infrastructure Development" ,the participants enjoyed this academic feast very much.