Department of Construction Management offers programs on undergraduate level, graduate level and post-graduate level.

Every year, there will be about 30 undergraduate students complete their undergraduate study and are awarded bachelor degrees in Engineering Management. Our four-year undergraduate program offers students a comprehensive training in all aspects of construction project management, including urban and development, project management, site management, property management, structural engineering, mechanics, material engineering, transportation, etc.

We also offer three graduate programs, which are MSc. in Management Science and Engineering, MEng. in Project Management and Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering. The graduate students and faculties in our department conducting cut-edging research in areas as diverse as safety and risk management, construction industry governing, green construction, real estate economics and management, project financing and contracting, and IT in construction. Post-doctoral positions are also offered in the above areas.

Master of Engineering in International Construction and Project Management. ICPM

The Master of Engineering in International Construction Project Management (ICPM) program aims to broaden and deepen students' knowledge of contemporary issues in the leadership, strategic management, and delivery of international projects to provide value to stakeholders and society as a whole. The unique characteristic of this program is to expose students to a new way of thinking, and to create awareness of how Chinese organizations operate, manage, and delivery projects in the fast-changing world. The program is practice-oriented. Students will be taught to think creatively, to be innovative with new ideas, and to use tools and techniques for effective management of projects. Students will be taught about problem solving, leadership, and the exploitation of technology. This is a unique opportunity to embrace Chinese culture and thinking and to engage in the world of international construction.

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