Professor Bruce R. Ellingwood was Awarded as Tsinghua Distinguished Visiting Professor

On June 6th, 2019, the appointment ceremony of Tsinghua Distinguished Visiting Professor Bruce R. Ellingwood was held in the Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University. The ceremony starts with the welcome speech given by Prof. Quanwang Li, Director of the Structural Mechanics Division. He briefly introduced Prof. Ellingwood’s distinguished achievements and his long partnerships with this School. Then, on behalf of the School, Prof. Dongping Fang, Chair of the School of Civil Engineering, awarded Bruce R. Ellingwood the certificate of Tsinghua Distinguished Visiting Professor.



Prof. Ellingwood accepted the appointment and expressed his thankfulness for the recognition. Then he recalled his stories with Tsinghua and highly spoke of the University.


Prof. Kefei Li, Vice Dean of School of Civil Engineering, expressed the gratitude and high respect to Prof. Ellingwood for his contribution to the development of School.


Following the ceremony, Prof. Ellingwood gave a keynote speech titled "Perance-based engineering for multiple hazards: The role of structural reliability and risk assessment". After the speech, there were extensive and further discussions between Prof. Ellingwood and the audience.


About Professor Bruce R. Ellingwood

Dr. Ellingwood is Co-Director of the NIST-sponsored Center of Excellence for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning at Colorado State University. For more than four decades, his teaching, research and professional interests have focused on the application of methods of probability and statistics to structural engineering.  He is internationally recognized as a leading authority on structural load modeling, reliability and risk analysis of engineered facilities and as the seminal figure in the technical development of probability‑based codified standards for design of structures.  

He directed the development of the probability-based load criteria for limit states design that appear in ASCE Standard 7 on Minimum Design Loads, the AISCS pecification for Structural Steel Buildings, and ACI Standard 318 on Structural Concrete.   He has authored more than 400 research papersand reports, is Editor of Structural Safety, and serves on five other editorial boards.  Dr. Ellingwood is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Distinguished Member of ASCE, and an Inaugural Fellow of the Structural Engineering Institute.